Suffolk sheep were the result of crossing a Southdown ram with a Norfolk Horned ewe, early names of the breed included Southdown Norfolks, and Black faces.

Suffolks are a common breed of domestic sheep. They are polled, and have black open faces along with black legs and white wooled bodies. Suffolks are considered a large breed of sheep, their large frame and muscular bodies make them an ideal breed for meat production, however; they are also good for wool production as well. these strong and hardy animals are good mothers, however; the breed is commonly used as a sire for cross breeds due to their ability to produce offspring with excellent growth and carcass traits.

They are a large breed of sheep. Mature weights for rams range from 250 to 350 lb (110 to 160 kg), ewe weights vary from 180 to 350 lb (80 to 160 kg).